The founder of Matea Nesek® fragrance brand, Matea Nesek, had a vision of combining the finest ingredients from Mediterranean Sea with Middle Eastern scents like jasmine, musk, amber and precious oud. Combination of exotic history, local tradition and love.

Out of this vision, on 20th December 2015, the luxury fragrance brand was born – Matea Nesek®

Matea Nesek® fine fragrance portfolio comprises of 13 fragrances and expanded its international distribution network to selling to Europe and Croatia.

Matea Nesek® future development plans include:

Bath and Body Collection, comprising many of the main line fragrances, with soaps, hand creams, shower gels, body creams and body lotions. Baby cosmetic and fragrance line and have its own standalone shops.

Matea Nesek® has successfully registered its trademark Matea Nesek® and its logo device, under various classes, in most part of the world.


Matea Nesek

Meeting and talking with my customers and seeing them wearing my perfume makes all my hard work worth it. Thank you!